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UV Lighting Features

MIT Study: Pair Germicidal UV with Ventilation for Safety

Navigating the complexities of 222nm far UVC light disinfection technology and indoor safety

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DOE Reveals Inaccurate Claims in GUV Lighting Products

"Problematic" concerns raised in 8 of 13 germicidal ultraviolet lighting products tested

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N.Y. UV company acquires PURO Lighting & LED Supply Co.

Applied UV, Inc. effectively doubles in size by acquiring Colorado sister companies

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Standardizing Fixture-Level Control with DALI-2

The D4i extension of DALI-2 further enables digitalization, wireless control and integration with the IoT

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Schools Are Not Investing in UV Lighting

Report reveals that school buildings are getting healthier with HVAC air filtration

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Acuity Brands Advances its Multi-Prong UV Strategy

As disinfection lighting experiences a refreshed demand, Acuity achieves another milestone.

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UV Disinfection:  9 Decision Points

Assessing how to apply ultraviolet light disinfection to spaces.

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Let's Address Some Viral Misinformation

False claims about UV-C seep into mainstream media

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NICHIA’s Latest UV-C LED Disinfection

NICHIA’s UV-C Efficacy Proven to Combat Viruses

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Lighting for Health & Energy Savings

The LRC publishes circadian lighting guidance documents

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More Mainstream UV-C Confusion

Two trusted consumer brands share mixed messages

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UV-C: Increase in Eye Damage Reports

Some patients exposed to UV by their employer

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NYC Reports on Subway UV-C Use

MTA Chairman calls it effective, but has concerns

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UV Marketer Faces Class Action Lawsuit

"1 million units sold" from 1BR apartment

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CNN Reporter Injured by UV-C Light

Another Preventable Example of UV-C Misuse

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Sound the Alarm on Consumer UV Products

Instead of clear warning, major online retailer cites "tips"

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UV-C & GUV Technology Explained

How a leading lighting design firm explains UV Disinfection

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CNBC Talks UV-C Disinfection

Signify CEO discusses "scaling up" UV for increased demand

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Airlines Disinfect with UV Light

JetBlue Airways and United Airlines take different approaches

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UL Partnership Promotes UVC Safety

Addresses many categories including home sterilizers

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The Facts on Disinfecting with UV

Science-based information on UV Light and COVID-19

Interview with Puro Lighting CEO, Brian Stern

We ask Puro Lighting CEO 5 Big Questions about UV Disinfection